The Lighthouse cafe is a speciality coffee shop in Kolkata, serving a variety of coffee brewed to the highest standards.

From Espresso and Espresso based based brinks to pour overs and Kyoto style cold brews, we take India’s finest coffee beans, roasted and blended to perfection and brew with a great deal of precision to bring out the uniqueness of each type of bean and roast level.

Our coffee menu ranges from the traditional coffee recipes through to contemporary coffee brewing methods and we also serve special desert coffees and coffee infusions.

Along with our extensive coffee menu, we have a curated food menu that is derived from what is fresh at the market on a particular morning, along with a couple of cakes that pair well with our milk based coffee drinks.

All our ingredients are sourced from suppliers who match our high standards. From our coffee beans and milk, to our breads, cheeses, meats and other consumables, we like to be able to trace back whatever we are consuming to a responsible, sustainable source, operated by people who share our vision and principles.

The Lighthouse cafe, perhaps Kolkata’s only speciality coffee shop, caters those who value a carefully thought out space, well done coffee and a curated menu. We accept that the way we do things, and especially the way we do coffee may not be for everyone, but then coffee itself is probably not for everyone.

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