The Crew



258437_10152021439230193_1477411882_o-(1)Born in 1987, in Calcutta, India. I have been working with various photographic formats and mediums in an attempt to balance the traditional with the modern, often combining analogue and digital workflows.

My work, is focused on understanding the contrast between traditional and modern lifestyle, exploring societies on the fringes of civilization and comparing it with mainstream modern living, using photography to understand my own existence, and the evolution of humanity into society as it exists today, and the possibilities of its existence in the future.

An alumni of the Eddie Adams Workshop and Foundry photojournalism workshop.

Photo by Insiya Syed


10357663_10154467716910082_8794270493819859605_oMy aim with photography is two-fold. I want to push the boundaries of photography, question what it means to be a photographer in the digital age while simultaneously playing the role of observer and commentator on critical contemporary social issues.

Born in 1986, I was on my way to a doctorate in the theoretical sciences before I decided to change course and explore the burgeoning field of contemporary photography. I have been promenading across the globe for the last few years and am presently waiting for the next adventure the four winds will carry me to.

My work has been published by NEWSWEEK, BBC and Al Jazeera. Recently, my work has been awarded at POYI, American Photo and shortlisted for the Sony World Photography Awards.