The Lighthouse

Cafe | Bookstore | Art Space

The Lighthouse seeks to create a community of people who can share, collaborate and develop together.

What began in 2014 as a make-shift workshop and screening space in the Barsati of 2 photographers has transformed and evolved over the years into what The Lighthouse is today.

In its multiple lives The Lighthouse has hosted artists from across the globe, screened rare films and documentaries on its rooftop, operated a bookshop out of a wooden truck, put together international workshops with hundreds of participants and won The Times award for Best Coffee Bar.

It has also been a place where many friends were made and relationships formed. From its inception the shape of The Lighthouse has been moulded by the people who inhabit the space.

The Lighthouse has had a beautiful journey so far.

The world has now changed.

We look forward to bringing The Lighthouse into this new world, hope that it finds its place and contributes towards a better, more equitable and sustainable future for the community that has shown it so much love over all these years.