Our bookstore is slowly growing into a little oasis in Calcutta for self published and small edition books from our extended family around the globe. We believe in the power of print, we believe that seeing, touching, smelling and absorbing the energy of a physical object is an experience totally incomparable with screen viewing.

With our bookstore we give space and attention to important and beautifully created objects, while also bringing renowned international periodicals to the Indian photo community. We hope to do this in a manner that is accessible and fair, ensuring adequate returns to artists and publishers, while avoiding a high cost for readers.


  • Sohrab Hura | The Coast (Signed): ₹ 7200

    Published by UGLY DOG | First edition | Signed By Sohrab
    Hard cover | English
    Publication date: 2019






    Sohrab Hura | LOOK IT’S GETTING SUNNY OUTSIDE !!! (Signed): ₹ 3675

    Published by UGLY DOG | First edition | Signed By Sohrab
    Hard cover | English
    Publication date: 2018










    Soham Gupta | ANGST (Signed): ₹ 4000

    With ANGST, Soham Gupta walks the back streets of his Calcutta at night, witnessing stories told by taxi-drivers, outcasts and runaways.
    The caustic humor of his text, together with the sensitivity of the portraits, freeze the atmosphere of bitterness and angst which like a glove fit Calcutta and the image given by the media.

    Published by AKINA | First edition | Signed By Soham
    Hybrid cover | English
    Publication date: 2018






    Kosuke Okahara | Ibasyo (Signed): ₹ 2500

    The Ibasyo project is a photographic project that documents the lives of six young Japanese girls who suffer from self-harm. In Japanese, ibasyo refers to the physical and emotional space where one can exist.

    Published by Kousakusha | First edition | Signed By Kosuke
    Soft cover | Japanese
    Publication date: March 2018




    Katrin Koenning + Sarker Protick | Astres Noirs (signed): ₹ 5200

    Astres noirs is the debut book for both Katrin Koenning and Sarker Protick, artists who live thousands of miles apart whose peculiar photographic wanderings create a hauntingly beautiful dialogue.

    This book presents photographs taken on mobile phone cameras, devices used to capture their everyday in an impulsive and almost obsessional way, documenting life from their doorsteps to far afield.

    Published by Chose Commune | Second edition | Signed By Katrin
    Hardcover| English, French
    Publication date: April 2017




    Martin Bogren | Tractor Boys (signed): ₹ 2500

    This is a book about a time, a place and a particular mood, which veers between intensity and ennui. It is a glimpse of a world, both strange in its specificity and familiar in its teenage rituals. Bogren has an eye that is all his own. In his introduction, the curator and writer Christian Caujolle notes that “the photographer manages to not disrupt the world into which he immerses himself” so that there is “something unreal and yet very present in these image”. The sound of a photographer holding his breath, perhaps.

    Published by Dewi Lewis | First edition | Signed By Martin
    Hard cover | English
    Publication date: August 2013




    Martin Bogren | Italia (Signed): ₹ 4000

    Swedish photographer Martin Bogren (born 1967) spent the years 2013–15 in Italy creating this gorgeous and lyrical black-and-white photo-essay, his tribute to the country and the people he met on his travels. Bogren’s luscious images of everyday street scenes, anonymous passersby, languid smokers, extroverted pedestrians and remote silhouettes are suffused with an affectionate, soft-focus gaze, making them seem like long-lost, unattributed archival photographs from a vanished era. Beautifully designed, Italia is destined to become a photobook classic.

    Published by Max Ström | First edition | Signed By Martin
    Hard cover | English
    Publication date: 2016




    Bruno Boudjelal | Disquiet Days: ₹ 2200

    This book charts Bruno Boudjelal’s 11-year inquiry into his origins, his identity and his unknown family, set against the background of an Algerian state in the process of turning its citizens against each other and abandoning them to their own resources. His journey, at once personal and familial, but also topographic and political, is described with intimacy and sensitivity as he acts as an often unwilling witness to the violent events of everyday life.

    Published by Autograph ABP | First edition
    Flexi cover | French + English | BLUE or RED cover
    Publication date: 2009





    This publication offers a personal visual reflection of the time Antoine has spent in New York. Designed as a 48-page leporello with an insert containing 20 pages of text, including a letter written in 1991, it includes self-portraits, scratched out journal snippets, and grainy photographs of drug use, that stretches out to form a double sided accordion.

    Published by Andre Frere Editions | First edition
    Signed By Antoine
    Flexi Cover | French + English
    Publication date: March 2017



  • Foam Magazine is an international photography magazine published three times a year around a specific theme.
    The magazine serves as a platform for all kinds of photography: from documentary to fashion and contemporary to historic, featuring both world-renowned image makers and relatively unknown emerging talent.

    Each issue contains multiple portfolios printed on carefully considered paper. Interviews and opinions by experts in the field of photography are combined with surprising and distinctive editorial choices. Foam Magazine has been awarded several prizes for both its high-grade graphic design and the quality of its content.

    Foam Magazine connects a global network of photographers, photography enthusiasts and professionals. The magazine is a publication of Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam.

    Issues available: #49 Back to the Future | #50 Water
    Price: INR 1800




    Published four times a year, Aperture Magazine is at the forefront of contemporary photography and critical thought on the medium. It features work from photographers, writers and artists working with the medium in diverse ways. Aperture is a meaty, well designed publication that keeps its content stimulating and relevant. Apertures publishes Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter issues with varied themes.

    #230 | Spring 2018 | Prison Nation: INR 2000

    Most prisons and jails across the United States do not allow prisoners to have access to cameras. At a moment when 2.2 million people are incarcerated in the US, 3.8 million people are on probation, and 870,000 former prisoners are on parole, how can images tell the story of mass incarceration when the imprisoned don’t have control over their own representation? Organized with the scholar Nicole R. Fleetwood, an expert on art’s relation to incarceration, the Spring issue of Aperture magazine addresses the unique role photography plays in creating a visual record of a national crisis.

    #231 | Summer 2018 | Film & foto

    The summer issue of Aperture magazine considers the influence of photography on leading filmmakers, and the role of cinema in the work of artists and photographers. Featuring in-depth interviews with Sofia Coppola, Shirin Neshat, and Gus Van Sant, and contributions by Negar Azimi, David Campany, J. Hoberman, Alex Prager, RaMell Ross, Antwaun Sargent, Dayanita Singh, and Dana Stevens, among others.




    Founded in 1854 to record the scientific development of a fledgling medium, these days BJP takes an international perspective on contemporary photography, focusing on fine art and documentary, and the cutting edge of editorial and commercial practices. Each monthly edition (in print and iPad) focuses on a theme, including regular subjects such as Portrait, Education, Journeys and Community, together with our annual review, Cool & Noteworthy, and our annual talent edition, Ones To Watch, along with more esoteric subjects, such as Invisible World, Habitat and Tales of the City, complemented by in-depth interviews and articles.

    For each issue, we seek out new talent to showcase in our Projects section, alongside Interviews with more established names – the kind of photographers who’ve already left an indelible mark on our visual memory – together with reports on the latest trends. In our Intelligence section, we give you briefings and opinion on the latest thinking about the medium and how to make it work as a business.

    August 2018: INR 750

    In our fourth annual Look & Learn issue, we continue our focus on the world’s elite photography educators. Something they all have in common, besides their reputation for guiding and inspiring students, is a clearly understood philosophy, which informs their unique learning environments and leads to specific goals, modules and exercises that are carefully honed over years.

    Aaron Schuman talks to acclaimed photographer, book-maker and educator Jason Fulford about his approach to teaching workshops, and their relationship to his own photographic practice. Daniel Boetker-Smith profiles Yumi Goto’s “fortress” in Tokyo, finding out the secret to the success of her highly coveted workshops at the Reminders Photography Stronghold, taking the photobook into new realms of “narrative sculpture”.

    Cat Lachowskyj visits Amsterdam’s Gerrit Rietveld Academie, to discover how its cross-disciplinary teaching methods instil a collaborative work ethic on the road to nurturing individual creative freedoms. And Gem Fletcher talks to Viviane Sassen, Jack Davison, Lisa Barnard and Alma Haser about the importance of continued experimentation in their work.



    dienacht is a printed Magazine for Photography, Design and Subculture, published 2x/year, printed in a limited edition of 1000 numbered copies, in English and German.

    Price: INR 500

  • LUCE Poster – Michael Ackerman | Signed and Numbered: ₹ 3500

    Created on the occasion of Michael’s ‘Watermark’ exhibition at Leica Galerie, Milano, July 2017. This very high quality, beautiful poster is offset printed, 55cm×36cm, on Munken 90gsm paper and features a grid of Ackerman’s deeply immersive and poetic polaroid images. The poster comes square folded with a signed and numbered certificate

    For The Lighthouse Bookstore, Michael has signed each poster in the bottom right corner.




    Printed by LUCE | Numbered Edition of 100
    55x36cm on Munken 80gsm Paper
    Designed by Matteo Alessandri | 2017



    LUCE Poster – Lorenzo Castore | Signed and Numbered: ₹ 3500

    Created on the occasion of Lorenzo’s exhibition ‘Invito al viaggio’ at Leica Galerie, Milano, September 2017. This very high quality, beautiful poster is offset printed, 48cm×68cm, on Munken 80gsm paper and features two of Castore’s stunning color images. The poster features both side printing and is signed and numbered. A valuable collectors item, there are only a few posters left in circulation.









    Printed by LUCE | Numbered Edition of 100
    48x68cm on Munken 80gsm Paper
    Designed by Matteo Alessandri | 2017







    Sohrab Hura | Proposition for departure: ₹ 1200

    This black-and-white notation book reads as an instructional guide for the artist, dictating sound extractions that Hura would create from a selection of his photographs. “I wanted to try and extract sounds that would reflect a state of being that I had felt at the time of making the image.” The 20-page pamphlet is filled with images on which the artist has hand-written measurements, directional cues, and other notes, including where he intended sound to peak, and not peak, according to the image. This book is a beautiful object and offers a rare visual guide to Sohrab’s practice.

    Self published (Ugly Dog) | First edition | Numbered Edition of 600
    Soft cover | English
    Publication date: 2017






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