Past Events

Special K with Katrin Koenning and Kosuke Okahara

By working closely with students over a year long period, with recurring sessions and repeated feedback, Katrin and Kosuke helped projects move towards their strengths and away from their weaknesses.

This program encouraged students to work on long form narratives, attempting to unravel the HOW rather than the WHAT of a project. The emphasis of the program was on being able to return to your subject / idea over time, while working with renewed and enhanced methods. This inspired a close and intimate engagement.


Aveek Sen | The Eye in Thought

Aveek took students on an intense journey through cinema, music, literature and art, pushing them to discover new direction with their photographic practice.

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“Ten days with Aveek Sen and The Lighthouse community was an incredible experience. Our discussions and conversations, beautifully curated by Aveek, will influence both my work and life for a long time to come. Such a treat to step back from my work and consider my direction personally and photographically.” – Lani Holmberg

“The setting of both the Lighthouse learning space and participant-centred nature of the workshop creates an excellent realm, almost a transcendental experience where the soul is ready to take in whatever gifts and surprises that one is there to glean.” – Sharon Chong

taking a workshop with aveek was an eye-opener. it was a great relief to step aside from ones own projects for a while and roam free. through film, poetry, photobooks and music, aveek curated a week of conversations which ultimately gave me new perspectives on my own photography. thoroughly recommended for those looking to go beyond the basics and find inspiration. – Terje Abusdal


Munem Wasif | The Editing Table

Starting a month before the workshop begins, Wasif was conducting online sessions with students as they worked towards building on their long term projects. The 4 day workshop then consisted of editing sessions, slideshows and group discussions. Wasif helped students find the strengths and weaknesses of their project and spent many hours on the editing table working images into sequences and finding forms for the project to move forward.

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“The workshop was a very nice experience, a good energy for keep working in my projects. The Lighthouse is this place that you feel like at home, Arko and Rahul take care of everything, they are building a family in the Lighthouse and I want to be part of this.” – Jordi Pizarro

“The workshop is the best thing that ever happened to me. It made me crack the shell of my thinking and as well as viewing, I realized there are no boundaries!. Finally, I am now able to make my own story flow using the images. All thanks to Munem and The Lighthouse.” – Vinod Babu


Pieter Ten Hoopen | Visual Storytelling

The workshop covered elements of visual storytelling, from conception, through production, execution and delivery. Pieter worked with students over 6 days and put them through rigorous exercises in the process of building a compelling body of work. Short assignments followed by reviews and edit sessions led into longer discussions. The group also went on a small day trip to Diamond Harbour, a few hours from Calcutta


“The mutual interaction that happened during the course of the workshop was brilliant in generating various perspective and the ambience and the warmth at the Lighthouse just doubled it up”Arkadripta Chakraborty

“The workshop at the Lighthouse was the first time I had attended a documentary photography workshop and I didn’t know quite what to expect. Rahul & Arko did a fabulous job making all of us feel like part of a family. Pieter is an excellent teacher and the exercises he gave us, while challenging and daunting at first, did give us all a fresh perspective on how to approach story-telling. The critique and feedback we received was extremely useful and constructive.
The Lighthouse space is also really beautiful and gives you an immersive Calcutta experience. Hoping to be back someday soon for another workshop!”
– Gayatri Nair
It was an incredible & invaluable experience. The assignments were challenging and extremely rewarding. I’ve found new inspiration, grown as a photographer and made lifelong friendships with other participants. – Kimberley Low

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Sharing Visions with Michael Ackerman and Lorenzo Castore

This was a workshop that was meant to give photographers the tools to take their work forward, and enable them to come out with a rejuvenated vision. It was a beautiful week of exploration with Michael, Lorenzo and a great group of enthusiastic students from all over the world with varied backgrounds and experience levels.

The workshop with Michael and Lorenzo was wonderful – they function so well together and are wonderful teachers. Getting my work edited and sequenced by the duo is one of the best gifts I received. Thank you for the opportunity. – Soham Gupta

I REALLY enjoyed this workshop for many reasons…not least for interacting with photographers from various countries who all have the same interest and passion. Lorenzo and Michael were inspirational and opened new doors and new eyes. Rahul’s organisation was simply perfect and careful – Paola Adele Cazzaniga

I’ve had a fantastic time at the workshop, Lorenzo and Michael were fantastic tutors, I really appreciated their knowledge, approachability and their dedication. Rahul was the perfect host, always helpful, a complete delight.
Lorenzo, Michael, Rahul and everyone at the workshop made this one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had so far, I can’t recommend it enough!-James Valls Enriquez

The experience was terrific, especially when Michael and Lorenzo were picking apart and then putting together my body of work, showing me other ways of how images can be put together. That was eye-opening for me. I still remember the very phrase they kept saying was, ‘I don’t care how you shoot but what you want to talk about.’ It still sticks to my mind nowadays when I’m continuing my projects.-Michelle Chan