Special K

A long term mentorship program

with Katrin Koenning and Kosuke Okahara

Loraine and the Illousion of Illoura - Encounters with an Outer Land

Pool, Whyalla Foreshore Motel From ‘Loraine and the Illusion of Illoura’, By Katrin Koenning .

The underlining idea of this program is to guide students along their individual path towards fulfilling their unique projects to their maximum potential. That project may be a book, an exhibition, a video, an Instagram feed or anything else imaginable.

The program consists of 3 sessions, one week each, spread across a period of 1 year from December 2017 to December 2018.

By working closely with students over a year long period, with recurring sessions and repeated feedback, Katrin and Kosuke will help projects move towards their strengths and away from their weaknesses. This program encourages students to work on long form narratives, attempting to unravel the HOW rather than the WHAT of a project. The emphasis of the program is on being able to return to your subject / idea over time, while working with renewed and enhanced methods. This will inspire a close and intimate engagement with your story.

The program will challenge you to see your work and subjects from new directions and fully commit to your story while finding new inspiration through discovery and learning about other relevant work. Towards the end of the program, you will see your work realised in a physical form.

At it’s core, this program is about being honest with oneself and with one’s work. It is about attempting to find yourself and bringing that true version of you as a human being into your work and letting it show in the strongest way. It’s going to be lots of hard work and lots of good times. We’re going to be putting prints all over the walls and the floors, we’ll look at tons of inspiring work (not limited to photography). There are bound to be long heated discussions and arguments, sometimes we may not agree with each other, but we’ll discover new perspectives. We’ll print and we’ll draw and we’ll cut and bind and tear stuff up trying to make something beautiful. There may be some cool people dropping in from time to time for special sessions. Finally we will produce something tangible to put out in the world from all the work that everybody creates during this time.

The Mentors

Katrin Koenning

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 10.37.57 PM

Katrin was born and grew up in Germany’s Ruhrgebiet – once the country’s industrial heart. When she was 25, she relocated to Australia and is currently based in Melbourne.

Coming from a story of movement, KATRIN is interested in the physical and emotional connections to places, and our relationship to environment. Based in still photography and the moving image, Katrin’s work is an inquiry into these themes and has at its core the idea of returning to things.

Katrin regularly exhibits her work in solo and group shows internationally. In July 2016, she launched her first book Astres Noirs [published by Chose Commune] at Le Bal, Paris. Katrin has won a number of awards including the Conscientious Portoflio Prize and the Daylight Photo Award.

You can view Katrin’s work on her website

Kosuke Okahara

IMG_3693-1Born in 1980 in Tokyo. Based between Paris and Leipzig.

Okahara grew up in Tokyo and started his career as a photographer after college graduation where he studied education. He has been pursuing the stories based on his theme “Ibasyo” which, in Japanese, refers to physical and emotional space in which one can exist.

Okahara has been honored with several awards and grants including W.Eugene Smith Fellowship, Joop Sward Masterclass of World Press Photo, PDN’s 30, Getty grants, Prix Kodak, Pierre & Alexandra Boulat Award among others. Okahara’s works have also been exhibited in various venues including museums, galleries, and international photo festivals. He continues shooting the stories that touch him.

You can view Kosuke’s work on his website

Session Dates

Session 1: 19th to 24th December 2017

Session 2: March 2018 | Dates to be finalised at the end of session 1

Session 3: October 2018 | Dates to be finalised at the end of session 2

Application Procedure

To apply for this workshop

1.Click here to fill out the application form
2. After you submit the form, send us 15-20 images, as jpegs resized to 1500px on the long edge @ 72 ppi. Images can be from a single body of work or multiple bodies of work.
Put the images in a zipped/compressed folder and email the folder as an attachment to info@lighthousecalcutta.com with the subject line “YOUR_NAME-Application_SpecialK”

Once selected, you will receive information on how to complete the registration procedure.

The workshop is restricted to a maximum of 12 participants.

Deadline for applications is extended till OCTOBER 15th

Fee Structure

The fee for each session is EURO 400 | INR 28,000. However students must commit to attending all 3 sessions and pay 50% of the total fee at the time of registration.


One scholarship will be awarded to an Asian photographer.

Further scholarships and travel grants may be awarded to students in exceptional circumstances. Please write to us for more information explaining your circumstances.

To apply for a scholarship please fill up this application form and send us a selection of 20 images from a single body of work.

Put the images in a zipped/compressed folder and email the folder as an attachment to info@lighthousecalcutta.com with the subject line “YOUR_NAME-SCHOLARSHIP_SpecialK”.

One application will be selected by Katrin, Kosuke and the Lighthouse team. The scholarship covers the workshop fee. Travel and accommodation expenses are not paid for.

Deadline for scholorship applications is extended till OCTOBER 1st

We are trying to arrange further scholarships and travel grants. Please check back here for more information in the following weeks.

terms & Conditions

The workshop requires a minimum of 8 participants. In the event that 8 participants are not registered, the workshop will be called off. Participants who have registered will receive a full refund of workshop fees/deposits.
The Lighthouse reserves the right to cancel a workshop due to unforeseen circumstances. In the event of such a cancellation a full refund will be given to all participants. We will not take responsibly for any third party expenses made by participants such as cancellations for accommodation or flights etc.


We understand that unforeseen circumstances might cause you to withdraw from the workshop. Our cancellation policy is as follows:
Cancellations made more than 45 days before the start of the workshop: You get a full refund
Cancellations made 45 days to 30 days before the start of the workshop: You get a 50% refund of the workshop fee
Cancellations made Less than 30 days before the start of the workshop : No Refunds.